Airfield Sell-Off Delays Planning Protections

The Council’s ‘Core Strategy’ development plan is now due to be examined by an independent planning inspector in Spring 2012 - in which time the future use of the airfield will be decided.

The Council’s planning blueprint seeks to protect this constituency’s Green Belt and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as open countryside, like east of St John’s Way in Chipping Sodbury.

New development is planned north of Thornbury and Yate after local LibDem councillors drew up the housing plans. 

Sodbury campaigners Paul and Wendy Whittle said:  “Developers eyeing up the countryside east of St John’s Way are best thwarted by getting the protections offered by the Core Strategy in place and approved as quickly as possible.

If the airfield is allocated for extra housing – and it’s still a big if – then it will take the pressure off the Sodbury countryside even more and puts our community in a stronger position to protect our area.”