Council challenges Charfield planning decision

Council challenges Charfield planning decision

In another major intervention, we are challenging the Planning Inspector’s recent decision regarding the Land north of Wotton Road development in Charfield.

Following an inquiry relating to the planning application made by Barratt Homes for Land north of Wotton Road development in Charfield, the Planning Inspector allowed their appeal and granted permission for the residential development which includes 121 homes, a retail unit, associated open space, access, and infrastructure.

We have carefully considered the Inspector’s decision and (as of Monday 3 September) we have issued legal proceedings challenging this decision.

If planning permission is granted for this development, we consider that it would undermine the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) process and its impact upon the residents and communities of South Gloucestershire.

Leader of the Council Cllr Toby Savage said: “As a Council Administration, we are determined to take robust action to challenging unsustainable development across the district.

“We reiterate that where we have taken difficult decisions to proactively and positively plan for future housing and jobs growth, we should not have decisions from the Planning Inspectorate which undermines this work as it only stores up economic, social and environmental problems for the future.”

“We are clear that enough is enough and we mean it. This unprecedented second legal challenge is evidence of our strong approach and considering each case on its individual merits.”

Cabinet Member for Planning Cllr Colin Hunt said: “In South Gloucestershire we are trying to be plan led with our decisions on planning applications. While we appreciate that we have a short fall on our five year land supply, nonetheless we want decisions to reflect that we have a solid plan that was prepared in consultation with the public.

“It is not appropriate for Charfield and other locations in the area to be under attack from speculative developers in this way, who are seeking to circumvent the plan led system and community engagement in a manner which undermines the recently submitted JSP.”