Leadership In The Local Interest

The promise comes after Liberal Democrat and Labour chose to walk away from helping to run the council because of the tough decisions that are needed to make savings. Instead, they plan to shout from the margins.

The election results saw the Conservatives top the local polls with its number of votes increasing again with Labour leap-frogging the LibDems to second place.

Cllr John Calway, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“Our team is promising to work with residents to deliver even better value for money, make our district even greener, safer and more prosperous by strengthening our local economy and investing in our schools so our children have the best possible start in life.”

“We’ve knuckled down to the challenge of eliminating what remains of the waste, inefficiency and duplication in the system to protect and improve the council services that our fellow residents want.”

Since May, the Conservatives have:

• Released millions of pounds worth of council management savings,  including deleting a Director post saving £175K alone
• ploughed an extra £200k into grants for voluntary and community groups
• created a £1.6m Big Society fund to support communities
• increased the number of council-funded Police Community Support Officers
• approved more new school bids
• started work on protecting bus services at risk because of Bristol LibDems’ £2m bus subsidy cut

So far, Labour and LibDem councillors are yet to tell residents what their plans would be to meet the savings target that the government has given to the council in order to help pay off Labour’s debt.