Our Library Service

Our Library Service

South Glos is currently consulting on the future of the Library Services.

The problem is that the service costs £2.6M annually to run, and to make it viable and sustainable this cost needs to reduce by £650,000.

If you use the library service, please go onto the South Glos website www.southglos.gov.uk – select ‘consultations’, then from the list of current consultations, select the one you want and make your views known!

There is a general feeling that part of the library’s service to the community could be taken over by community volunteers, and indeed, there is already a group forming in Chipping Sodbury called ‘Friends of Chipping Sodbury Library’.

There is no doubt that savings have to be made, so if we want to keep our libraries open, we will have to be prepared to ‘roll up our sleeves’!